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Seamless Edits

This charming cover of “Single Ladies” by Sara Bareilles was originally over 4-minutes long. We trimmed it down to 2 minutes and 28 seconds. There are 5 edits hidden in this track.

Efficiently made

This student needed this song to be as slow as possible without going over the 2:45 time limit. After editing, I slowed the song down so that the track plays to exactly 2:45. (Original track plays to 3:48.)

A clean cut

The following is a sample of a lyric removal I did for a studio performance at Disneyland. Disney did not like the lyrics, “I want to feel the sweat running down my chest.” (You will hear it in the sample at 0:07, and it is removed from the track at 0:22.)


A brand new beat

A song about an orchestra deserves more instruments. I love how the drums enhance this piece of music and change it up from verse to verse.

Created Just for you

This track was created for an immersive dance show about artificial intelligence. The clip includes various clips from the news and music by Apparat.

End with a bang

Everyone loves a good ending button! The original track just shrivels up at the end and it felt very unsatisfying, so I got creative! Listen to both in the sample below.


Let’s shake things up!

Spotlight Dance Cup 2016 "Best Novelty/Character/Musical Theatre Performance" Castro Valley Performing Arts

Any Elvis fans out there?

Here is a musical theater medley I created with the music from Broadway’s All Shook Up!



Great! The next step is to send me an email with all of your instructions for your edit. Be sure to include your music track if you have it. I will respond with a quote and a Paypal invoice based on the number of edits you have requested. (For more on this, please see my HOW IT WORKS page.) Once you have completed the invoice, I will return the track in three days or less. It’s that simple!


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